Maid / Matron of Honor Guidelines & Tips!


Being asked to be a Maid (if you're single) or a Matron (if married) of Honor is meant to be an honor.  Since you are the closest family relative or a very good friend of the Bride, it's only natural that you would be willing to help.  Offer assistance and moral support whenever possible.  The Bride will always appreciate your help and cooperation.

Wedding Gown

Assist the Bride in choosing a dress for herself, and for her Bridesmaids.
Confirm timely delivery of Bridesmaids' dresses.

Bridal Shower

The Maid/ Matron of Honor, and Bridesmaids, always host the event.
Let the guests know where the couple is registered in advance.

Prior to Ceremony

Help with any organizational details, if asked.
Help make the table centerpieces and/or favors.
Assist the Bride in getting dressed on her wedding day.
Help the Bride in any way possible.

Day of Wedding Ceremony

Keep the Groom's ring until needed.
Hold the Bride's Bouquet during vows.
Straighten the Bride's veil, and dress train, whenever necessary.

Wedding Reception

Give the Second Toast to our Bride & Groom.  Keep it pithy!

More than likely, unless you are used to speaking in front of large crowds, you'll be nervous too.  Here are some of same tips I give to the Best Man:

* Write down your thoughts on a 3 x 5 card that you can keep near you.
* Remember to lift your champagne glass at the end of the toast.
* Encourage everyone to toast our happy couple.
* Pin Bride's train prior to her First Dance.
* Offer moral support whenever necessary!



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